Post Bank renews partnership with FSME to transform small businesses.

11 March 2024, 10:14 pm

6 March 2024, 4:44 pm

Byamukama Alozious

Small business owners set to benefit from Gatako Omutindo, a program of Post Bank in Partnership Federation of small and medium sized enterprises FSME.

The program which aims at financial literacy, saving culture and value addition was launched in 2022 and allocated 80 million where about 500 small business holders benefited in agrobusiness.

Speaking at the renewing of this partnership in Kampala, Peter Ssenyange, the chief financial advisor and chairperson of Co-operate social responsibility committee said, the results of 2022 impressed the beneficiaries thus forcing them to add 200millions which is to start in April this year. ‘Financial literacy and skills enhancement is what we focus on to see Ugandans being active in business.’’

Image caption – Peter Ssenyange, the chief financial advisor Post Bank Handing over a check of 200m to John kakungulu Wagembe, the executive director FSME after

Ssenyange Pointed out that, they are in partnership with the Federation of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises because of their solid achievements made in transforming many small businesses into big enterprises, He added that this opportunity is open to everyone especially women and youth.