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Nakaseke Sub-County Received 200M for the new Premises

25 November 2022, 2:56 pm

By Mutagubya Julius and Balaba Peter 

 Nakaseke Sub-County in  Nakaseke district has today convined a meeting which comprised of all stake holders including village chair Persons,Parish Chairpersons, Ggombolola Internal Security Officer (GISO) and OC Police- Nakaseke Station. The OC Santos urged all members to be vigilate especially during this festival  season to manager the security in their  areas and report all criminals to police.

Members Voiting

Migadde Eric  Chairperson  for Nakaseke Sub -County also  informed  members that they should not hide any  criminals and they  should sensitize their residents about security matters. Members agreed to make village registers and they have passed resolution of neighbouring watch and register all  vistors to Village Chairperosn and  reporting un indentified persons.

Chairman LCIII addressing the meeting

Regarding the issue of re-locating the Sub-County administration to a new site,  Nakaseke Sub-Ccounty has received aid from the Central Government worth 2000 Millions to construct the new administration block. the Chairman LCIII Migadde Eric also emphasised that his role is to ensure that there quity in the distribution of services in the entire Sub-County. However, there was some confusion  among members on which  site the new adminstration block was to be constructed because one group urged that there was no need of  need of procucuring a new land  yet Honorable Sarah Najuma member of parliament for Women had alrady given 20millions to purchase the land .  The Chairman assured them that they have failed to get the land title for the  said land which was bought when he had not in office. he however, informed members that he is going to work with everyone and see if they can process the land title for  that land,and it will  be used to construct a Health Center III in future.

Mrs. Nakyejjwe Sozzi  Councillor at Nakaseke District representing NakasekeSub-County and Nakaseke Town Council urged all stake holder to agree and pass a resolution  for the relocation of the Administration to the New Site at Kyamutakasa because once they delay the funds will  be sent back to the central Government and re-calling back it is not easy. Members then unmously agreed that Sub -County Administration be  shifted to  Kyamutakasa Town, along kapeeka road.