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Lango`s veteran journalist Gideon Omony seeks UGX 120 million for kidney transplant

13 May 2024, 8:34 pm

Gideon Omony, a veteran radio presenter in Lira is in urgent need of shillings 120 million for a kidney transplant.

In December last year, Omony, the deputy head teacher at Fatima Aloi Comprehensive Secondary School and a presenter at Radio Wa 89.9 FM in Lira City was first diagnosed with high blood pressure, which quickly progressed to acute kidney disease requiring urgent transplant.

Married with three children, Gideon is currently being dialyzed twice a week as the family looks for the needed funds for his transplant.

He believes that the speaker of parliament can save his life, especially after witnessing her generous donations to other people.

Omony advises people to prioritize regular medical check-ups to avoid falling victim to such conditions.

His wife Jane Acola Omony describes his diagnosis as a big shock to the family.

Support to Omony is being sent through mobile phone number 07755931197 or Centenary Bank Account Number 1020098437 all registered in Jane Acola`s name.

This is an advocacy story to help raise funds to secure resources for Gideon Omony`s health.

Additional Reporting by Uganda Radio Network (URN).