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Heavy downpour destroys 65 computers at Mbale High School and Nkoma SSS

17 May 2024, 9:04 am

By Kenneth Wamatoyi

The head teachers have appealed for government intervention ahead of student return for second term.

The heavy downpour in Mbale city on Thursday left 65 computers destroyed at Mbale High School.

The head teacher of the school, Mr. Wambalo Steven, appeals to the government for intervention because soon the students are reporting back to school and there will be a crisis.

One of the block that was destroyed by heavy rains at Nkoma SSS.

Sekulima Alex, deputy headteacher of Mbale High School, stated that the school is in a sorry state after yesterday’s rain, which carried the iron sheets from the building of Nkoma SS, and hit the senior three class and computer lab, destroying over 65 computers.

“This has affected us as a school.”

However at Nkoma SSS the rain destroyed both the new block that was constructed by government with shs 3.5 billion. Mr Ntege Ramadhan says they are assessing the loss of property and make a report since also 60 computers have been destroyed and the roofs of the buildings are left without iron sheets.

One of the building at Mbale High School.

He adds that Nkoma currently has over 6,837 students and all use the 46 streams and now five streams are affected.