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Men in Bugisu subregion urged to embrace family planning

5 July 2024, 1:49 pm

By Humble Felix Mayatsa

In a bid to promote gender equality in family planning, men in the Bugisu region are being urged to take an active role in sexual and reproductive health services. Mr. William Nyombi, Director of Service Delivery at Marie Stopes, made this call during the launch of their new premises on Naboa road in Mbale city.

Nyombi emphasised that their efforts will now focus on engaging men to embrace family planning methods suitable for them and encourage them to utilise the various family planning options available.

Ms Kakai Harriet, Mbale city deputy Mayor and Marie Stopes staff members during the launch.

This shift in approach aims to share the responsibility of family planning with their partners, making it easier for families to plan together.

The health officer explained that the relocation of the facility from its former location is intended to increase accessibility and provide more space for serving clients.

Mr Nyombi, addressing the guests and staff members during the launch of the new facility.

Ms. Kakai Harriet, deputy Mayor of Mbale city, echoed Nyombi’s sentiments, encouraging the community to embrace family planning methods to ensure they can raise children they can responsibly support.

Nyombi dispelled concerns that the health facility focuses solely on family planning, highlighting that they also offer general medical consultation services for all individuals. The new premises provide a range of services, including circumcision, scanning, immunisation, vaccination, reproductive health services, cervical cancer screening, and post abortion care.

By encouraging men to take an active role in family planning, Marie Stopes aims to promote gender equality and support families in making informed choices about their reproductive health. Let us work together to build a healthier and more responsible community.