The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) has urged Ugandans who want change to remain focused

2 March 2023, 9:29 pm

Philip Onyango

Gen. Mugisha Muntu and other officials from the ANT party addressing the press conference

The political party led by the party President, Rt.Maj.Gen Mugisha Muntu, said this while addressing a press conference regarding on concluded Serere by-election in Budaka District Eastern following the death of Hon Patrick Okabe in an accident last last year.

Gen Muntu claims that the Serere county by-election had unnecessary riots caused by the ruling party National Resistance Movement NRM. He want was done is not news and expected it though according to him this does not mean that change cannot be archived.

Gen. Mugisha Muntu speaking on the matter in Luganda Language

Gen Muntu has also spoken out against Government ministers involved in the iron sheets saga that were supposed to go to Karamoja. He says this is not the first time Government officials to appear in such theft scandals , they have been doing it and President Museveni has not done enough  to discipline  them people Gen Muntu now wants every minister who was involved in this theft to be sidelined and investigated or dismissed from office