Government bans traditional birth attendants for unprofessional practices

4 July 2024, 3:42 pm

Kagadi district Health Officer and deputy CAO meet with traditional birth Attendants.

By James Muhumuza

In Uganda, traditional birth attendants (TBAs), once valued for their community roles in childbirth, are now banned from assisting expectant mothers due to concerns over professionalism and healthcare outcomes.

The Ugandan government, through the Ministry of Health, has officially banned traditional birth attendants from handling expectant mothers, citing unprofessionalism. This directive was communicated in a letter by Dr. Henry G. Mwebesa, the Director General of Health Services in the Ministry of Health, addressed to all district health officers across the country.

This afternoon, addressing traditional birth attendants from Buyaga west gathered at Bwikara health centre III in Bwikara subcounty, Kagadi district, Theodora Kajumba, the Kagadi district health officer, stated that the government accuses traditional birth attendants of contributing to increased mortality rates due to their lack of midwifery skills and inadequate management and handling practices.

Kajumba on banning birth attendants.

Kajumba stressed that those found violating this ban will face legal consequences. The letter also highlighted concerns about the role of traditional birth attendants in contributing to the rising HIV prevalence rate from mother to baby.

Kajumba on HIV prevalence.

In addition, the letter instructed traditional birth attendants to refer expectant mothers to government health facilities for proper care by trained professionals.

Kajumba on directing Victims.

Vincent Kyaligonza, Kagadi district Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, who also attended the meeting, cautioned that strict actions would be taken against traditional birth attendants who delay expectant mothers from accessing government hospitals.

Kyaligonza on vowing.

At the meeting, traditional birth attendants were not given an opportunity to defend themselves, as the directive came directly from the government. This gathering followed a similar one held yesterday, July 3, 2024, in Mabaale for traditional birth attendants from Buyaga east constituency in Kagadi district.