Kagadi leaders gear up for digital revolution in revenue collection

9 July 2024, 7:43 am

E-logrev  System.

By James Muhumuza

In a bid to boost local revenue collection, the Ministry of Local Government has embarked on training leaders and technocrats in the town councils of Kagadi district to use a new digital platform for tax collection, as opposed to manual methods.

Andrew Abaho, the system analyst in the Ministry of Local Government, says the use of manual methods is to blame for the low revenue collections in local governments. Abaho states that local governments that have automated their tax systems have tripled their revenue.

Abaho on digital system.

Speaking to our reporter last evening, Abaho discussed the implementation of the local government revenue management system, codenamed E-logrev, which has been rolled out in the district. He further noted that automated tax collection helps promote efficiency, transparency, and monitoring, while reducing reliance on the central government to fund development projects in local governments.

Abaho on transparency.