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Be very strategic when looking for jobs, commissioner tells Kyambogo students

12 September 2023, 1:32 pm

By Mike Okwang Ogule

Commissioner Jimmy Okello in suit with his wife Dr Dorothy Okello at a photo moment with LASA family.

The judicial service commissioner Hon Jimmy Oello has implored Lango Students Association (LASA) of Kyambogo university to attain strategic skills in looking for jobs once they get out of university.

Okello was speaking as the chief guest recently to LASA students during a public lecture organized by Lango student leaders at Kyambogo University.

He said job markets are now very delicate which necessitate a lot of proficiencies that ranges from not only being educated but also capable, experienced and also actuality in network especially with those in your field for you to be more competitive in the job market.

Okello however asked students to stop undermining every work experience they go through since they count whenever it’s required to be put together in a curriculum vitae which is most considered by almost all employers presently.

He later beseeched LASA community to read hard in order for Lango to keep climbing more hierarchies in the job market.

Dr Dorothy Okello the dean of school of Engineering at Makerere University who also attended the public lecture, enquiring students to jealously use the time they have at school and focus on what they were sent for which is studies asking them to also avoid low marks.

She challenged the students to know the purpose of which they are at school and prioritize their socialization for them to succeed.

She thanked the Kyambogo University LASA leaders for such an open platform and promised to always be supportive once tapped on.

Dr Benson Okello the Kyambogo University LASA patron asked the students to continue portraying the best image of the institution since they are known in the production of very intellectual, competent and well-ordered students.

Kyambogo LASA student body always bring onboard great Lango personalities in a forum dubbed “public lecture” in order to guide undergraduates especially on the carrier they are perusing for them to be competitive in their line fields once done with studies.