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Over 100,000 treated mosquito nets set to be distributed in Apac District

5 December 2023, 6:03 pm

By Mike Okwang Ogule & Isaac Newton Abili

Apac District Deputy RDC Ms. Joan Apio (Middle), secretary health Mr. Sam Opira on her left receiving the mosquito nets.

Apac District has received a total of 3,236 bales of treated mosquito nets from the government through health ministry to be distributed within all sub counties in the district.

Sam Opira, the Apac District health and education secretary also a councilor representing Chegere Sub- County, told Radio Apac reporter this morning, adding the nets arrived Tuesday morning.

Opira explained that the Clan Logistic, a company contracted by health ministry has started it work of distributing the government nets to various parishes in the district.

He, however, said the nets are effective for use since it is treated with insecticides that kill female mosquito that spreads malaria. Opira also warned locals against selling government mosquito nets, threatening to arrest anyone found misusing the government property.

Lately while speaking at the Scout Hall during a budget conference, Francis Leone Oceng, the Apac District health officer, revealed that at least 138,318, representing 51.4 per cent cases of malaria especially children below the age of five have been recorded in various health facilities in Apac District in the last ten month.

Recently the Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng Ocero announced that Government is distributing 28.5 million Long Lasting Insecticide treated mosquito Nets (LLINs) across the country as part of the efforts to reduce Malaria morbidity and mortality.

The campaign carried out with support from The Global Fund and Against Malaria Foundation will focus on behavioural change aimed to achieve consistent net use, net repair, repurposing and tackling the social norms that bar utilization according to Dr. Aceng.

The Ministry of Health continues to sensitize the public on the different measures to be employed in order to prevent Malaria. These include; clearing all stagnant water around home steads, sleeping under a mosquito net every night and using mosquito repellents.

Globally morbidity and mortality due to falciparum malaria remains high. In the pre-COVID-19 era, there were an estimated 229 million malaria cases in 2019 in 87 malaria endemic countries, declining from 238 million in 2000.