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Rev. Ekwaro bounces back as West Lango PAG Bishop

28 February 2024, 2:45 pm

By Mike Okwang Ogule & Isaac Newton Abili.

Bishop Willy Ekwaro (left), Rev. Geoffrey Okwir Ministry coordinator and Rev. Tonny Ongiro secretary.

The Pentecostal Assembly of God, (PAG)West Lango pastorate has re-elected Rev Willy Ekwaro as their new Bishop for another five years.

A select committee of seven elders comprising of retired and serving reverends, youth and women leaders among others declared Willy Ekwaro as bishop elect during a pastorate delegates assembly for PAG west Lango pastorate held at the main church in Barodong, Apac Municipality.

Rev. Tonny Ongiro, was also re-elected as secretary and Rev. Geoffrey Okwir re-elected as coordinator ministry.

At the same function, a total of 16 pastors were ordained to become reverend.

In his message, Geoffrey Joel Omara, the director ministry tasked elected leaders to be single minded by tuning their minds to focus on ministry and church development.

However, the re-elected bishop, vowed to continue serving the PAG fellowship better than the past five years adding that Covid-19 also in one way or the other affected their work in the Lord’s ministry.

Rev. Charles Hilton Ogang, the chairperson board of directors for PAG Uganda urged Christians to always listen to their leaders, in a bid to developed the PAG church.

According to Ogang, the bishop elect will be legitimately installed in office in March from the PAG headquarters in Kampala.

Rev Ekwaro who has since 2019 been serving as the bishop is the son to the Awitong of Adok clan Jurubabel Opio Okori.