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Archbishop Flynn SS celebrates feast of St. Joseph the worker

28 June 2024, 14:44

Mass celebrations of St. Joseph the worker.

By Lakareber Gladys Kasline

Hundreds of supporters gathered at Archbishop Flynn Secondary School to commemorate the feast of St. Joseph the worker, an event marked by community spirit and aspirations for educational advancement.

Presided over by Archbishop Emeritus Dr. John Baptist Odama, the celebration included fundraising efforts for a new school library and recognition of the school’s academic achievements in the 2023 exams.

The festive atmosphere at Archbishop Flynn Secondary School was palpable as Archbishop Emeritus Dr. John Baptist Odama led the community in honoring the feast of St. Joseph the worker. Amidst cheers and applause, supporters from across the region gathered to contribute towards the construction of a new school library, underscoring their commitment to educational excellence.

Despite the absence of the expected Chief Guest, the Speaker of the parliament of Uganda, Rt. Hon. Anita Annet Among, the event remained a resounding success with the presence of esteemed guests including Hon. Beatrice Anywar Atim, State Minister for Water and Environment.

Archbishop Flynn SS Director, Monsignor Mathew Odong expressed gratitude for the community’s support, emphasizing the importance of fostering a conducive learning environment. “This celebration not only honors our patron saint but also reaffirms our commitment to nurturing future leaders,” Monsignor Odong remarked.

State Minister for Water and Environment Beatrice Anywar Atim during the mass celebration.

Gulu University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Openjuru and other district leaders including George Ladaah and Pader district LC 5 Mr. Fearless Obwoya Oyat, joined in acknowledging the school’s achievements and its impact on the community’s educational landscape. Their presence underscored the collaborative efforts towards empowering youth through education.

As the festivities concluded, RDC Pader Milton Odongo conveyed optimism for the school’s future, applauding its continuous growth and impact. “Archbishop Flynn Secondary School exemplifies resilience and dedication,” RDC Odongo affirmed, “and today’s celebration reaffirms our collective commitment to educational excellence.”

The Feast of St. Joseph The Worker celebration at Archbishop Flynn Secondary School served as a testament to unity, community support, and educational advancement. With plans underway for a new library and ongoing achievements in academic excellence, the event not only honored tradition but also set a promising course for the school’s future endeavors in nurturing young minds.