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Candidate collapses during Dokolo UPDF recruitment exercise

9 July 2024, 11:28

UPDF health teams providing aid to the Okwir during the recruitment execirese after he collsaped.

By Lakomekec Kinyera

A recruit collapsed during the UPDF recruitment exercise at Dokolo Technical Institute in Dokolo town council today. The candidate, identified as Mr. Okwir Levi from Okwongodul B village in Dokolo county, collapsed shortly before completing the 4 kilometer run.

Captain Kato Ahmad Hassan, the UPDF 4th Infantry Division Public Information Officer and spokesperson for recruitment team six, said, “Levi was immediately evacuated by the team six ambulance and medical team for intensive first aid.”

According to Kato, Dr. Alex Kissa, the team six medical officer, “his blood pressure had dropped below normal, but he was resuscitated in time. After gaining stability, Okwir admitted he had not taken enough water and skipped both supper and breakfast before the exercise.”

Dr. Kissa confirmed, “Okwir is now out of danger, pending further medical examinations.” Reports indicate that Okwir fainted after running less than a kilometer.

The two day recruitment exercise aims to enlist 39 candidates from Dokolo district and 30 from Amolatar district. Captain Kato announced, “Tomorrow, we will recruit candidates from Kaberamaido and Kalaki districts at Dokolo Technical Institute.” He also mentioned that there were 8 absentee candidates from Dokolo and 5 from Amolatar.

From July 10th to July 14th, the UPDF plans to recruit 25 candidates from Kaberamaido, 26 from Kalaki, 42 from Apac, 39 from Kwania, 83 from Oyam, and 52 from Kole districts, according to quotas based on recent census statistics.