Voice of Lango

Alebtong district to host 2023 World Population Day celebrations

1 February 2023, 2:35 pm

Alebtong Dictrict Chairman David Kennedy Odongo, file photo

By Denis Okello

The national population council has selected Alebtong district to host this year’s World Population Day slated for 11 July 7 2023.

Alebtong Chief administrative Officer Samuel Bimbona told Voice of Lango that they are highly prepared and committed to do all it takes make the event successful.

Alebtong district chairman David Kennedy Odongo said the district was selected from among districts like Agago, Amolatar, Kole and Kitgum to host the national event.

Alebtong district chairman DK Odongo speaking about World Population Day celebrations

Odongo encouraged the people of Lango to make the best use of this opportunity to transact business to improve their income.

DK Odongo emphasising on business opportunities on World Population Day