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Bishop Olwa challenges children to take care of parents

1 February 2023, 8:25 pm

Bishop of diocese of Lango, Dr. Prof. Alfred Olwa

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)

The Bishop of Diocese of Lango Dr. Prof. Alfred Olwa has tasked religious leaders and other leaders in society to encourage young people to take care of their elderly parents.

Bishop Prof. Olwa made the call during his visit to Aloi Arch Deaconry in Alebtong town council, Alebtong district today.

He said some youths have abandoned their parents in miserable condition despite the fact that they are well-off.

Bishop Olwa said the Diocese of Lango last year launched an annual event to celebrate elderly persons which is to be held on 17 December. He said the event will be used by churches to support the welfare of elderly persons.


Bishop Olwa speaking about support to elderly persons

He also encouraged Christians to stand firm in their faith in God, recalling that he was once an aid to a witchdoctor before he knew Christ to finally becoming a Bishop.


Bishop Olwa narrating his experience in Christianity

Alebtong district woman MP Dorcas Acen rallied Christians and religious leaders to strengthen the fight against homosexuality which is taking over the world by storm.

Acen said this can be done through marriage between men and women as opposed to same sex marriages.


Alebtong district woman MP Dorcus Acen making case on homosexuality