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Lango District chairpersons unveil five point development plan

3 February 2023, 9:31 am

Alebtong District LCV Chairman David Kennedy Odongo file photo

By Voice of Lango editorial

LCV chairpersons in Lango under their umbrella association, Lango Chairpersons LCV and city mayor’s forum have unveiled a five point program aimed to support development of the region.

In their meeting held at Kwania district headquarters yesterday, they unveiled the five point development plan which include; strengthening the fight against wetland cultivation in the region, engaging central government to ensure Kwania district and Lira city are given roads equipment like other districts to support roads rehabilitation, engaging ministry of health to derive solution over stalled heath facility construction projects and meeting Lango MPs to discuss Lango development agenda.

Alebtong district LCV Chairperson David Kennedy Odongo, who doubles as chairperson, Lango chairpersons LCV and city mayor’s forum said they are seeking to work together as district leaders for the development of Lango Sub Region.

David Kennedy Odongo speaking about Lango Chairpersons LCV and city mayor’s forum

Kole district LCV chairman Andrew Moses Awany said they will follow up on some of the pledges made by government to Lango Sub Region like construction of Kaguta complex (Kole district administration block), procurement of a school bus for Ikwera girls’ SS, Aculbanya SS and Aloi SS among others.


Kole district LCV chairman, Andrew Moses Awany speaking on government pledges

Lira city mayor, Sam Atul pledged to meet leaders of Lira city West division to resolve leadership wrangles that have for longed rocked the division.


     Lira city mayor, Sam Atul speaking about Lira City west division leadership wrangle

Kwania district LCV chairman Geoffrey Alex Ogwal Adyebo, Geoffrey Ocen of Amolatar district, Francis Abola of Otuke and Benson Walter Dila of Oyam district were among other district chairpersons in Lango who attended the meeting.