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Kwania district launches marking of wetland boundaries

24 March 2023, 10:31 am

Web photos of a wetland

By Voice of Lango editorial (editor@vol.co.ug)


Kwania district environment department has launched marking of wetland boundaries in all Sub Counties across the district to curb wetland encroachment.

The exercise started in Aduku Sub County in areas of Bung, Acut and Inyer in Apire parish.

According to records from the environment department of Kwania district, wetland coverage in the district has dropped from 40% to only 20% due to wetland degradation.
Also 539, 3 hectares out of 1,012 hectares of wetlands in the district has been encroached.

Jimmy Okweny, the District Environment Officer of Kwania said they stopped people who were cultivating wetlands from utilizing them this year to allow marking of their boundaries.

Okweny on exercise

Patrick Adupa, the LC1 chairman of Inyer in Apire parish, Aduku Sub County said the exercise was going on successfully in his area.

Denis Adoko, Pirimila Achola, George Ogom among other locals asked government to support them with other income generating ventures since some people depend on wetlands for their livelihood.

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