Voice of Lango

27 locals arrested over cultivation of contested Adero Quarantine land in Alebtong

31 March 2023, 1:46 pm

By Isaac Okello (isaac.okello@vol.co.ug)


Security in Alebtong District has arrested 27 locals for cultivating the contested Adero Quarantine land in Awei Sub County that was offered by government to Uganda Prison services for farming.

Alebtong District, Resident District Commissioner, Robert Adiama Ekaju said the suspects are being held at Alebtong Central Police Station.

He accused some local leaders of inciting the locals to cultivate the land yet the matter is still before court. Locals have since ran to court to block their eviction from the land.

Bony Okwii who is among locals who ran to court in Lira to contest their eviction from the land said they do not have where to farm and asked court to prevail over the matter for them to get justice.

Their lawyer, Egaro Emanuel of Egaro and company advocates said the locals want to institute an order of injunction seeking to stop Uganda Prison service and National Forestry Authority from utilizing the land until the matter has been disposed off.

The deputy Registrar of Lira High Court, Geoffrey Ssalam Ngobi on Thursday visited the 2,700 acre piece of land on a fact finding mission.

Locals showed the court registrar the empty graves of their relatives that were excavated and houses that were destroyed on the land.