Voice of Lango

USMID road project contract ends in Lira City before completion of works

31 March 2023, 10:10 am

By Isaac Okello (isaac.okello@vol.co.ug)


The contract period that was awarded by Lira City Council to Al-Nuiami Group and Abubaker Technical Services, the contractors that are tarmacking roads under Uganda Support for Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) has ended before the work could be completed.

Last year Lira City Council extended the contract by one year which ended on 26th March 2023 over delays in completion of the project.

Lira City engineer Freddie Owiny said they will now meet the contractors to discuss a way forward.

Eng. Owiny said their previous agreement with the contractors was that they would be fined on a daily basis from the time the contract would have been extended.

The community liaison officer of Abubaker Technical Services, Sharon Apio declined to comment on the matter saying she is on official duty in Kampala.

Al-Nuiami Group and Abubaker Technical Services are tarmacking roads including Obangakene, Noteber, Aber, Olwol, Uhuru, Boundary and construction of the coronation park and Adyel children’s park.