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Lango district leaders released following arrest for convening illegal assembly

20 April 2023, 8:55 pm

Otuke district LCV chairman, Francis Abola

By Denis Ongora


Security in Otuke has released six people who were arrested today as they attempted to organize a a joint security meeting over insecurity caused by Karamojong cattle rustlers in Lango.

Otuke LCV chairman Francis Abola amd Otuke district speaker, Ogwal Y.K by passed a road block set up by police to deter the district leaders from Lango from accessing the venue of the meeting in Acanpii parish, Ogwete Sub County, Otuke district but were finally arrested upon arrival at the venue.

Other leaders including; Omoro Sub County LC3 chairman Apenyo Isaac, Amugu Sub County chairman, Ojom David, Olilim Sub County chairman Otyama Francis and Adwir Sub County chairman Padi Francis Ogwang Abwang were arrested before they arrived at the venue.

They were charged with holding an illegal assembly but later released this evening.

Before their arrest, Ogwal and Abola has predicted that the meeting would be stopped by security.

Abola and Ogwal voxpop

The chairperson of Lango district chairpersons and mayor’s forum David Kennedy Odongo at a press conference at Pacific grand Hotel –Lira City after he had escaped arrest in Acanpii demanded for the release of the arrested leaders by close of business today. He castigated the deputy Resident District Commissioner of Otuke Akol Godfrey Oumu for stopping today’s meeting from taking place.

Odongo on meeting

DK Odongo said another meeting will be convened to discuss the Karamojong crisis in Lango.

The meeting was among others meant to; demand removal of the deputy RDC of Otuke for issuing false reports on the Karamojong cattle rustlers and the 3rd division commander for failing to control entry of the cattle rustlers into Otuke, demanding deployment of more soldiers in Otuke to fight the cattle rustlers.

Others are; demanding a stop into entry of the cattle rustlers into Lango.

They also tasked government to disarm the Karamojong within 18 months and to offer food aid to people displaced by the cattle rustlers.

They further demanded return of the stolen cattle, procuring new vehicles for police in Otuke and Alebtong for patrols to fight the cattle rustlers, roads rehabilitation, instituting a by-law on movement of animals at night, recalling of the former Amuka militia to fight the cattle rustlers among others.

Otuke District Police Commander Sadak Saliba by press time said he was committed and could not comment on the matter while north Kyoga regional police spokesperson Jimmy Patrick Okema said he was yet to get a report on the matter from Police in Otuke.

Police deployment in Otuke

The deputy Resident District Commissioner of Otuke Akol Godfrey Oumu said he had not received a notice about the planned meeting and that the meeting would have interfered with studies at Acanpii primary school.


Akol on meeting

Some locals who spoke to Voice of Lango condemned the arrest of their leaders.