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Strange poultry disease breaks out in Oyam district

24 April 2023, 7:45 pm

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By Voice of Lango FM editorial (editor@vol.co.ug)


Local poultry farmers in Oyam district are worried following the outbreak of a strange poultry disease that is killing both mature and young birds.

The disease outbreak was reported mainly in Iceme and Otwal sub counties, characterized by sneezing and Watery diarrhea and it is said to be killing the affected birds within only three days after attacking them.

Samuel Otim, a farmer from Omolo parish, in Iceme Sub County says he is not sure of the vaccines he could use to vaccinate his chickens adding that he has already lost over 30 chickens since the disease outbreak.

Ogwal Robert another local farmer from Otwal Sub County in equally says in just a space of one week he has lost 20 chickens to the unidentified disease.

Dr. Tom Ogwal the Oyam district veterinary officer confirmed this report saying he has sent a field officer to investigate the disease.