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Former Amuka militia group agrees to fight cattle rustlers

25 April 2023, 10:46 am

UPDF officers, local leaders inspect a cattle kraal in Acan-pii 2, Acan-pii parish, Ogwete Sub County, Otuke district. Photos by Denish Ongora

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


Chairperson of former Amuka militia group that supported Uganda People’s Defense Forces to flush out the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels from northern Uganda has expressed readiness to support the government in fighting suspected Karamojong cattle rustlers in Otuke and Alebtong districts once recalled.

Last week, most leaders from Lango made passionate calls to government to recall the former Amuka militia group to support the few UPDF soldiers deployed to fight the cattle rustlers.

The chairperson of former Amuka militia group, Denis Omin said they are willing to join the fight against the cattle rustlers once given a chance since they already possess necessary military experience and skills.

However, he said they will only come out to fight the cattle rustlers if the government admits that it has failed to defeat them.

He adds that they will also only participate in the fight against the cattle rustlers after clear agreement with the government on their terms of payment since they have been struggling to get their benefits from government as a reward for fighting the LRA rebels in vain.


Omin on Amuka

While fighting the LRA rebels in 2003-2004, government begun paying the former Amuka militia group 60,000 shillings monthly allowances and pledged resettlement packages to the group.

Government later begun facilitating them with 300,000 to 800,000 shillings but the group being dissatisfied with the payments, through their lawyer, Mike Abwang Otim of Abwang-Otim & Co. Advocates, dragged government to court, to demand for billions of shillings in compensation.

Denis Omin said President Yoweri Museveni during his visit to the Internally Displaced People’s Camp in Abia, Alebtong district, pledged ox-ploughs, two oxen and 30 iron sheets to their members.