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Gross: 18 year old man caught in bestiality

10 May 2023, 9:55 am

By Voice of Lango editorial (editor@vol.co.ug)


Locals of Ngai Sub County have been left in shock after discovering an 18 year old man having carnal knowledge of a cow.

The incident happened on Monday in Kok Kecikweri, Aramita parish in Ngai Sub County, Oyam district.

Okot Sam, the owner of the cow said Otim George who left people digging in the garden to go and ease himself, was caught red handed in the act with the cow near Okot’s home.

Okot said they arrested and took Otim to the LC1 chairperson of Kok kec Ikweri, but he was set free, given the fact that he is a low-income earner much as he paid 50,000 as sitting allowance for the LC1 court.

Denis Odongo the LC1 chairman of Kok kecikweri said this was the third time that Otim has been caught in the act of bestiality.

In 2021, he said Otim was caught having carnal knowledge of his father’s dog, in 2022 he was again found red handed with another cow while on Monday he was caught in the same act with Okot’s cow.

Odongo condemned Otim’s action, saying it had forced locals of the area to lose appetite for meat with assumption that Okot has defiled all the cows.

Odongo on incident

Denis Anyeki the deputy clan leader of Okarowok Malakwanga equally condemned the action of Otim and called for his cleansing in line with Lango culture.


Anyeki on culture

According to Uganda’s Penal Code Act, any person who has carnal knowledge of an animal is guilty of an offense and liable to imprisonment for life.