Voice of Lango

Student commits suicide over failure to register for UCE exams

30 May 2023, 7:53 pm

By Denish Ongora (denish.ongora@vol.co.ug)


A senior four student from Kole district has committed suicide over failure to register for Uganda Certificate of Education Examinations.

The body of the deceased, Adongo Gillian 18, a student of Kigumba Intensive SS, was las night found hanging in the house with a note indicating that she decided to end her life personally and no one should be blamed for it.

Adong also wrote a letter to her friend bidding her farewell.

A local resident of Abilonino trading center identified as Ogwok Milton, said Adongo received a call from her school teacher informing her that her name had not been registered for UCE exams. He said Adong indicated in the note that she had met all requirements for registration.

Ogwok said Adongo is the daughter of Olec Bonny, a teacher of Apedi primary school, who had remained home as her siblings and mother had gone to visit their father at his work place.

The LC1 chairman of Akwo, Lwala Parish, Ayer Sub County, Okello Benson by press time said the police was considering allowing Adong’s family to bury her body since it was established that she committed suicide.

The incident happened at Beiwe, Abilonino trading center near Abilonino National Instructors College.