Voice of Lango

Gunmen rob Shs.27 million from Amolatar businessman

7 September 2023, 8:29 pm

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


Police of Amolatar central police station has launched investigation into robbery of Shs. 27 million from a businessman in Agwingiri Sub County, Amolatar district by unidentified gunmen this morning.

The gunmen also shot Alele Francis 22, a shop attendant in Be-iwei, Namija parish, which shop belongs to Olal Tobby.

North Kyoga region police spokesperson Patrick Jimmy Okema said the gunmen dressed in heavy jackets went to Olal’s shop with a TVS motorcycle and pretended to be buyers who ordered for soda and sugar.

Okema said one of them pulled out a gun and put Olal at gun point, another entered a room where Alele Francis was selling from while the remaining person went to another room where money is kept and picked the money which was under the bed and inside a drawer.

He said Alele Francis tried to make an alarm, forcing one of the gunmen to open fire, shooting and injuring him.

Alele Francis was rushed by police to Amolatar Health Center IV to recuperate as investigation against the assailants who fled the scene continues.

Okema said this could have been a planned robbery since the attackers even knew where the money was kept in one of the rooms.