Voice of Lango

Lango College adopts cocoa production to support school development  

11 April 2024, 1:27 pm

A cocoa plant at Trinity Mixed Farmstead, Dokolo district.

By Denish Ongora


The administration of Lango College, Lira city has resolved to embrace cocoa production to support development of the school.

Yesterday, teachers and students of Lango College toured Trinity Mixed Farmstead in Alanyi B, Akolodong (Rego-Rego), Amwoma Sub County Dokolo district, where they were trained in cocoa production.

Lango College head teacher, Sam Bob Okino said they had in the past resolved to grow coffee to support the school, but after realizing the high market and profit potential of cocoa, they have restored to take up cocoa production.

Okino on cocoa production

Fred Ogwal Oyee, the proprietor of Trinity Mixed Farmstead who doubles as the clan head of Inomo and chairperson Lira city service commission, rallied the school teachers to embrace cocoa production to prepare for retirement.

Ogwal on cocoa production
Adim Solomon, the farm manager, Trinity Mixed Farmstead demonstrating to students how to plant cocoa.

The clan head of Bako Olang, Joe Olang Eric expressed optimism that cocoa production could get Lango region out of poverty like it has been the case in West Africa.

The manager Trinity Mixed Farmstead, Adim Solomon said soil in Lango sub region is suitable for cocoa production and the crop currently fetches 27,000 shillings per kilo in Bundibugyo district.

The manager of Voice of Lango, Elvis Ajwika asked students to use the knowledge gained on cocoa production to support their parents in raising school fees.

The students’ representative of Lango College, Okidi Ronald said they will embrace such ventures to support themselves.

Okidi on embracing cocoa production

Lango College will consequently start growing cocoa at their farm in Lira city West division.

Mature cocoa pods at Trinity Mixed Farmstead.