Voice of Lango

Lira district chairman returns to office

24 January 2023, 1:37 pm

Lira District chairman Okello Orik addressing journalists.
File photo

By Ocen Jimmy and Moureen Odota

Lira district chairman Richard Cox Okello Orik has finally returned to work after two months of being out of office.

Okello Orik today returned to office and held a meeting with his vice, Omara Bonny, the district Chief Administrative Officer, Ben Ogwete Otim and speaker, Morris Adem Okello.

Omara said Okello Orik had officially resumed work although   the district boss didn’t speak to the press.

Omara commenting on Okello Orik’s return.

The absence of Okello Orik in office drew public debate and disagreement among councilors who demanded to know his whereabouts, alleging that he was running away from a defilement case opened against him

However, Lira district vice chairman Omara Bonny had said that Okello Orik was admitted in hospital for treatment for an illness.

Some councilors went as far as petitioning the minister of local government about Okello Orik’s long absence that they said was stifling development of Lira district.