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Lango Cultural Foundation cabinet, clan heads clash over office space

19 April 2024, 12:37 pm

An office at Lango cultural center, Lira city

By Bonny Otim Ogwal (bonny.otim@vol.co.ug)

Lira City

The council of Owitong (clan heads) of Lango Cultural Foundation (LCF) headed by speaker Willy Omodo Omodo and Lango cultural foundation cabinet headed by Lango paramount chief Yosam Odur Ebii are embroiled in a struggle for office space at Lango Cultural Center.

According to reports obtained by Voice of Lango, yesterday the cabinet of Lango Cultural Foundation led by Prime Minister, James Robert Ajal converged for a consultative meeting at Lango Cultural Center but found members of council of Owitong led by speaker Willy Omodo Omodo occupying offices at the center.

Prime Minister of Lango Cultural Foundation, James Robert Ajal told Voice of Lango FM that they were stopped from using the office of the paramount chief at Lango Cultural Center by members of council of owitong.

Ajal said the group went on to lock the office of the paramount chief with two padlocks with an aim of dethroning the sitting paramount chief Yosam Odur Ebii and his cabinet.

Ajal said they reported the matter to police vide; SD Ref 33/18/4/2024 at Lira central police station.

Ajal on office closure

However, the speaker of council of owitong of Lango, Willy Omodo Omodo Kagere said the office being claimed as that of the Lango paramount chief by Ajal and his group actually belongs to council of owitong headed by him.

He however said the Won Nyaci (Lango paramount chief) is free to use the office upon his return from the hospital in Kampala where he is hospitalized.

Omodo on office closure

Omodo said Ajal and his group is looking for cheap popularity, adding that the office would be opened today to attend seeking support from the office of the speaker.

North Kyoga Region police spokesperson, SP Jimmy Patrick Okema said police has launched investigation into the matter.

Okema on closure of office
The locked up contested office at Lango cultural center

Lango cultural institution has for long been plagued by leadership skirmishes.

Recently, Lango paramount chief Yosam Odur Ebii rescinded his earlier plans to step down in December this year, citing the current cultural leadership squabbles in the transition process.

He accused the new Lango paramount chief elect, Dr. Eng. Moses Michael Odongo Okune then leader of defunct, Tekwaro Lango faction of rushing to organize the 1/3/2024 elections to impose himself as the new Won Nyaci at the time Odur was hospitalized, in total disrespect to him.

This came after Lango Cultural Foundation and five clan leaders who include; Prime Minister James Robert Ajal also clan head of Atek Alunga Adolo, Benson Walter Dila Oyuku of Orupu dag anywar, Denis Obia Acila of Atek Onote and David Tile of Atek keno ran to court seeking an injunction stopping the election of a new paramount chief.

However, Lira high court deputy registrar Salamu Godfrey Ngoobi dismissed the matter on grounds that it was filed late, at a time when the election had already been organized, costs incurred and only three days had remained before actual voting.