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10 Comboni College students in Lira city suspended for indiscipline

3 July 2024, 2:57 pm

Comboni College signpost.

By Isaac Okello

Ten students from Comboni college in Lira city have been indefinitely suspended for disciplinary reasons. Lira City Education Officer Jasper Abura confirmed the suspension, stating that the students’ future now rests with the board of governors.

Abura on suspension, lango.

He has advised students to avoid engaging in activities that could have a detrimental effect on their academic pursuits.

Reports obtained by Voice of Lango FM reveal that upon returning from a recent secondary schools’ ball games competition at Lango college in Lira city, students were involved in violent incidents. They attacked individuals, damaged property, and confiscated belongings such as mobile phones and fruits being sold.

Following complaints from the affected parties, the school initially suspended all 400 students who had participated in the ball games competition for five days. Upon their return, the students identified ten of their peers who were allegedly involved in the misconduct.

As a result, the school administration decided to indefinitely suspend the ten students and imposed a fine of 19,000 shillings on each of their parents.