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West Lango Bishop emeritus calls for probe into rising student strikes

8 July 2024, 10:36 am

Bishop Alfred Acur Okodi pronounces blessings upon newly elected student leaders of Lira Town College.

By Denish Ongora

The bishop emeritus of West Lango diocese, Alfred Acur Okodi, has urged school administrations to investigate the increasing incidents of student strikes.

Yesterday, at Lira Town College in Lira city, during his speech after the swearing-in ceremony of prefects, UNSA representatives, and student religious leaders, Bishop Alfred Acur Okodi highlighted the importance of investigating the recent spontaneous student strikes across various schools in Lango sub region.

Acur Okodi observed that many of these strikes lack substantial reasons and urged schools to effectively address student grievances to prevent such occurrences

Acur on strike, Lango.

He also encouraged students to prioritise their education and refrain from engaging in disruptive behaviour.

Student leaders of Lira Town College take oath of office.

Etwop Aggrey Jackson, a member of the board of governors at Lira Town College, advised students to work together with school authorities to address their concerns.

Etwop on strike, Eng.

The departing head prefect of Lira Town College, Orach Ivan Nicholas, credited his successful tenure to his close interaction with fellow students.

The head girl of the school, Abong Annette, similarly attributed her successful term to the high level of discipline maintained by the students.

Abong on leadership journey, Lango.

The newly elected UNSA president, Ngole Thomas, expressed his commitment to fostering unity and cooperation among the student body.

The outgoing student representatives pose for a photo with the school leaders.

During May and June this year, there were reports of student strikes at Amugu SS, Akii Bua SS, Akura SS, and King James SS, all in the Lango sub region.