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Cassava growing made compulsory for households in Kitgum Matidi

27 February 2024, 1:28 pm


By Otim Moses Arapmoi

Farmers in Kitgum Matidi Sub-county in Chua West constituency Kitgum district have been directed to make cassava growing compulsory in a bid to guarantee food security given the changing weather patterns that have affected crop yields over the years.

The Kitgum Matidi Sub-County Chairperson, Mr. Thomas Lapyem issued the directive while meeting farmers’ groups at the sub-county headquarters last week and warned that defiant households will be punished.

Mr. Lapyem noted that cassava does not only guarantee food security but also helps in the fight against poverty. He asked farmers to change from subsistence to commercial farming in order to eradicate household poverty.

Mr. Lapyem Thomas

Mr. Alfred Omony, the Kitgum district production officer asked farmers to take advantage of the parish development model funds to optimize production.

Mr. Omony Alfred