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Journalist challenged to be ethical in fight against corruption

13 March 2024, 11:37 am

RDC Ktgum Mr Ebil Jimmy Ssegawa

By Otim Moses Arapmoi

Kitgum Resident District Commissioner, Mr. Jimmy Ebil Ssegawa has urged journalist in Northern Uganda to be bold and not keeping silent about corruption if the vice is to be kicked out of Uganda

He made a remark during the media engagement in the fight against corruption organized by the Directorate for Ethics and Integrity in the Office of the President for east Acholi held in Kitgum Bomah Hotel on Thursday.

He stressed that fighting corruption requires good morals and should be done from all fronts.

He appeals to journalist to investigate and gather concrete evidence that can pin the culpirts and tip the office of the RDCs in their respective districts so that the vice can be wiped from society.

Mr Ebil Jimmy Segawa

Mr. Nicholas Abola the Commissioner of Information and Communication at the Directorate of Ethics and integrity in the office of the president said some media practitioners have been compromised by the corrupt which leads to the violation of their rights because they have no basis on which to defend themselves.

He asked media practitioners in the region to be determined, fair, transparency and bold when reporting about corruption to avoid being penalized for defamation.

Mr. Abola called for collective responsibilities from all journalist in the fight of corruption to ensure zero tolerance to corruption in Uganda.