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Alebtong district chairman clarifies on ownership of contested land in Adero

23 January 2023, 3:36 pm

Alebtong District local government administration block.

By Ocen Jimmy and Maureen Odota.

Alebtong district chairman David Kennedy Odongo has clarified that Adero quarantine and Adero central forest reserve land in Awei Sub County is owned by the government but not by the locals as it is being claimed by some politicians.

Odongo DK on land ownership Luo.

In August last year, Alebtong district local government handed over Awei and Aloi Ongom citrus farm land to state minister of agriculture Fred Kyakulaga Bwino who consequently offered the same land to Uganda prisons service for farming purposes.

Some locals later complained about Uganda Prions Service destroying their crops on the land and were asked to harvest their crops by Alebtong district leadership.

Richard Ongora a resident of Acede atidi, Acede parish, Awei Sub County told voice of Lango FM that National Forestry Authority tried to evict them last year but they demanded for documents to prove their ownership of the land and the NFA officials have since not returned.

Ongaora, said Uganda prisons service has started clearing land at Adero quarantine and not allowing people to access the area.

Clara Adongo another resident of Acede parish said they have been stopped from accessing their gardens to harvest crops yet some security personnel are allegedly burning charcoal and selling trees from the land.

Adong on land Luo.

But Alebtong district chairman DK Odongo said the land now belongs to the government.

Odongo DK accused one Refino of collecting money from locals with claim of instituting a suit against government much as they do not have proof of ownership of the land.

On 27/4/2017, former Alebtong district chairman Denish Johnson Okello wrote to the president requesting to use the land to boost agriculture, construction of Awei seed secondary school, Alebtong University of science and technology among other projects.