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Women Leaders Empowered in Storytelling and Leveraging LinkedIn

25 January 2024, 10:51 pm

By Laila Ndagire

Participants during the training

A group of Women leaders at the Local Council level have been empowered on how to use the LinkedIn platform, and the power of storytelling through Pollicy’s VOTE: Women Cohort II “Dear Tech Dairy writing series”, a compelling writing series that spotlights the transformative work of women in local government to harness the power of storytelling, write their own stories and use different social media platforms to publish their work.

The training held at Fairway Hotel, also included female journalists who shared with women leaders tips for effective storytelling. Tricia Gloria Nabaye, Engagement & Advocacy Coordinator highlights why Pollicy decided to empower women leaders in digital skills.

Tricia Gloria Nabaye, Engagement & Advocacy Coordinator, Pollicy

Rachel Magege, Lawyer and Data Governance Specialist guided the leaders to explore the power of personal narratives in shaping leadership journeys and how these stories could be translated into impactful LinkedIn profiles.

By the end of the training, women leaders emerged not just as leaders but as storytellers who could inspire and connect with others through their journeys using LinkedIn.

Nantongo Milly, Parish Chief, Ntinda Parish
Dorothy Nambi, Director Dorna Center Home for Autism and Local Leader

Tricia calls upon government to make internet a social good, and subsidize on internet subscription for it to be accessed by everyone in the country.

Empowering women in internet use is crucial for fostering inclusivity, equality and overall societal progress.

Pollicy is working with like-minded organisations like Uganda Media Women’s Association and Media Challenge Initiative on its Future of Work Project.