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Nalongo struggles with a rejected boy

14 March 2024, 3:02 pm

Nalongo Nakawuka and the rejected child.

By Robinah Nanfuka

Nalongo Nakawuka is struggling with a baby boy who was rejected by his biological parents when he was only 9 monthsin Kireka village Luweero district.

Nakawuka says her son Henry Mirundi failed to provide assistance to the newly baby boy which forced the mother to leave the baby with her co-wife who immediately transferred the baby to the grandmother, the first week of February 2024.

Nalongo says she started feeding the baby with milk which is costly as she is just a peasant farmer who sometimes fails to get money for milk, she also says she gets sleepless nights sometime because of the baby crying the whole night

I do not know the where a bouts of his mother because she has never comeback to visit her son” Nalongo said.

 She advises all young ladies to be keen when choosing their partners because some men approaches with different intentions but not love

She also advises men to take care for their children and be trustworthy to their wives because aids is rampant, and she also reminds men that their parents took their roles while upbringing them and its not good to burden them with nurturing grand children.

Nalongo ellaborating more in the interview.