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Molly Katanga, loses her second bid for bail

22 May 2024, 10:49 am

By Philip Onyango 

Molly Katanga, widow of businessman Henry Katanga, has lost her second bid for bail. The 55-year-old, suffering from severe medical conditions, remains in custody as she awaits trial for her husband’s murder.

Henry Katanga was found dead from a gunshot wound in their Mbuya home last November. On the same day, Molly, who had suffered extensive injuries, was hospitalized. 

Despite medical evidence and recommendations from specialists, Judge Isaac Muwata denied her bail, citing no change in circumstances since her first application. This decision has drawn criticism for lacking compassion and ignoring her serious health issues.

Molly katanga appearing before court yesterday

Molly is charged alongside her daughters, Patricia Kakwenza and Martha Nkwanzi, Dr. Charles Otai who responded to the scene, and a domestic worker at the Katanga residence, George Amanyire. The case has elements of domestic violence, adding complexity to the charges.