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Bishop Obetia emphasises the Lord’s prayer in a call to deepen faith

8 July 2024, 8:41 am

By Byamukama Alozious

Bishop Joel Obetia, the retired Bishop of Mid West Nile, challenged Christians to cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus, emphasising the importance of knowing the Lord’s prayer. He made this remark while preaching at St. Peter’s Church, Wandegeya, on St. Peter’s Day, which is celebrated every 1st Sunday of July as a climax of a mission month that happens in June annually.

Bishop Obetia praying for Christians at St Peter’s church Wandegeya.

“Some people come to church, but when it comes to these prayers, you hear them murmuring,” Bishop Obetia said. “Some have become Christians without a relationship with Jesus; that’s why they have forgotten even the Lord’s Prayer,” he cautioned.

He encouraged those who have not yet been confirmed to take the step, emphasising the significance of participating in Holy Communion. “You can’t walk two ways at the same time; you will split,” he warned. “Choose to serve God and leave evil ways. As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:14).

Rev. Moses Nyombi echoed the importance of St. Peter’s Day, highlighting St. Peter’s role as the holder of the keys to heaven.

Cream hill learners before confirmation.

Yason Mujizi, the Head of Laity, responded to the Bishop’s remarks by urging parents to instil Christian values in their children, teaching them to pray, including the Lord’s prayer. “These prayers are recited every Sunday; I think the problem is our child upbringing,” he said.

The St. Peter’s Day celebration was marked by the confirmation of seven children from Creem Hill School and the salvation of seven individuals.